Forever Tempered Glass iPhone 11 & XR

Code: TGIP11

Tempered Glass for iPhone 11 & iPhone XR

Tempered Glass designed for the latest smartphones. Provide effective protection for your device against scratches and damage. Easy to install and does not affect the appearance of the device. The film made of tempered glass is much more scratch resistant than plastic sheeting. It is resistant to liquid substances and at the same time completely transparent. The film thickness - 0.33 mm. The set includes: film, applicator cloth to remove dust, alcohol wipe to clean the screen, cleaning cloth to remove air bubbles and buttons (for iPhone).

How to apply.
  1. Clean the Smartphone screen with the alcohol pad
  2. Remove the screen protector from its packaging and peel its protective film
  3. Align the protector to the Smartphone edges and place it on the screen. The adhesive side should be facing down
  4. Spread the adhesive without creating any bubbles by gently pressing down the center of the screen 

Compatible with both iPhone 11 & iPhone XR