Universal Micro USB Mains Charger 2.1 Amp


Micro USB Mains Charger 2.1 Amp

This FONEWARE high power 2.1A Micro USB mains charger kit is designed to allow you to charge your Micro USB devices quickly and effectively from mains electricity.

The mains charger is fitted with a Micro USB connector, compatible with any Micro USB device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player.

The 1.2 metre long cable gives you the freedom to charge your phone while keeping it within an easy to view angle.

2.1A output charges the latest smartphones / tablets quickly

The charger features a 2.1 Amp output, which means it will charge the latest smartphones quickly so your phone can be ready to use when you need it.

Also features a charging cut off, which stops your phone from being over charged - resulting in damage to your handset.