Fontastic 3in1 MFI Data Lead Black Nylon Cord


Fontastic 3in1 MFI Data Lead Black Nylon Cord 

USB charging and data cable "Duo" This Hi-Speed ​​data cable can be used with any device with USB Type-C ™ or Micro USB port for charging or data transfer. An integrated shield protects the cable from external interference signals. It supports data rates of up to 480Mbps and currents up to 2.4A for fast charging of compatible devices. 

The aluminum connector housing and the nylon sheathing of the cable help it to be very rugged and have a very long life. 

Technical specifications:     

Type: charging and data cable    

Plug: USB-A - Micro USB | USB Type-C ™    

aluminum casing     USB standard: 2.0   

Data rate: 480MBit / s     

Charging current: Max. 2.4A    

Outer shell: nylon fabric    

Cable length: 120 cm     

Cable outer diameter: 3.5 mm    

Art.Nr: 251474   

EAN: 4024559251474